How young Sims fans imagine adult life

Asked teenagers about their heroes and heroines

THE SIMS 4, it seems to be loved by everyone over 10 and under 20 years old. In the rating of the best selling computer games, the current version of The Sims ranks fifth. In fact, this game is as iconic for the modern generation as it is for someone like Super Mario on “Dandy”. The Sims is played by the same teenagers that we don’t know anything about and consider to be the next lost generation, or even more talented millenials. We talked to teenagers about The Sims to understand how they imagine family, relationships and careers, and which behaviors they want to follow in the future.


At the moment, I am playing for a family where three babies were born not so long ago, namely, three girls: Ira, Nastia and Kira. Parents of the babies Alenta and Mike. Alenta loves books very much, so she started to write her own books, until, of course, not so much, but a few hits she was able to write, and she already has several hundred fans. Alente really likes the genre of mysticism, most of her books about ghosts, some extraterrestrial forces, and, of course, about love, where without it.

Mike has always been attracted to sports, he loves his job as a football player, and his family supports him in this. Babies already know how to walk and talk, at the moment Mike and Alenta are teaching their babies to go to the pot. Alenta spends a little more time with the kids than Mike, but sometimes he takes the day off and the whole family they go for a walk in the park. Alenta works from home, so it’s easier for her to look after the kids. It’s a little harder for Mike, but when he gets back from work, he goes to the kids’ house right after the shower and enjoys playing with them while Alenta is busy with dinner.

Alenta, of course, takes care of the house, but Mike helps her as much as she can. After his training, he washes his own clothes and washes the dishes, if he suddenly wanted to have a bite to eat. Big, friendly family, warmth and comfort in his own home – this is the dream of Alenta, Mike dreams of reaching the top of his career, and Alenta supports him with all his might, and Mike also keeps up. To be honest, I would be very happy if it were so in my life. Well, don’t all the simmers create their ideal image of the family?


I like the additions “University” and “World Adventures” most of all, but I also play in “Seasons”, “Show Business”, “Career”, “World Adventures”, “On vacation”. At the “University” you can study for a specialty, live in a hostel, a lot of people to communicate with, and in the “World Adventures” – to go to Egypt, France and China. There are special tasks and things that you can buy only with ancient coins. Usually I start playing one character, and then look for a couple, and it turns out to be a family.

Now I play for a girl, her name is Lina. She has no parents, she has a sister Deena. Lina is sociable, and Dina is very withdrawn. Lina is currently studying at the Communications Department, and her dream is to get three scholarships. After the university she will work in politics, maybe become president. And her sister is studying for a businessman. Neither the boyfriend nor the children have both had a boyfriend while Lena was a teenager, but they broke up because Jack found another one. Lina does not have any friends, but she likes to walk in cafes and parks, for example, and Dina likes to read.


Before, when I was smaller, it wasn’t me who was playing, it was my sister, but I was watching her play. I was a little scared to play myself, so I was just making characters. And I always made very similar characters, like they all had the same nose. I picked out the third nose from the list, and I liked it. And recently I noticed how much I didn’t like that nose! And in general, all the characters I played 2-3 months ago had to be changed. During this time, my taste has changed so much that their eyes began to seem to me huge, with a head of incomprehensible shape, but I didn’t even notice the nose in the midst of this horror.

The image of the family I’m playing now came to my mind recently. I decided to make this family in the style of the future – I have the addition “Forward to the future”. The family consisted of Mom, Dad, teenage daughter and younger son. I built a house for them for a very long time, and the furniture in the house was only from this addition. I was so exhausted! But I am pleased with the result. They traveled as a family to the future. My parents found a job for themselves in the future, and they are working in the boat arena. The parents’ work is at night, so they have plenty of time for rest and TV during the day. And the children went to school, but since there are no schools in the future, they don’t go there and rest. Well, when they return, they will study, but they do not seem to care.

Children love video games, and they also do the tasks that time travelers give them. For example, when you arrive there, he or she gives one of the family members their first task – to fly on a jetpack. If you accept the assignment, you will automatically have a jet pack in your luggage. In the present, the housekeeper does the housework, but in the future, you arrive at the huge house of the future, where a lot of people live besides you, so it’s a lot of fun, and these people are cleaned up. It seems to me that if I could travel in time, I would rather be afraid.

In this game, I can create a singer or actress, not because I want to be a singer, but simply because I want to see how it happens in the game. I do have a good voice, though, and I’d like to be a singer or an actress. But I’m still good with accurate calculations, which would be useful in business, and in general it would be good to do journalism. I haven’t chosen my life goal yet. It sounded so Simmering now!


My favorite additions are “Supernatural” and “Paradise Islands”. In the “Supernatural” we can create a mystical being who has more possibilities than the usual sims, and in the “Paradise Islands” there are boats, you can dive, there are mermaids. There are also floating houses and islands, which can be opened by performing a certain task 🙂

Most often I play a single character, and this is a girl. But I like to play and a big family. I once created a vampire girl in the addition “Supernatural”. She lived in the town of Moonlight Falls and was unemployed, and now I really liked her. But unfortunately, I wasn’t playing it for long, so I had to reinstall the game and all the families were wiped out. Now I’m playing with another family that consists of one girl, and I like her very much too). Her name is Emma. She works as a singer, likes to travel, play guitar, makes new acquaintances and friends, likes to perform on stage in front of the public. At the moment she is alone, but she often receives declarations of love in her mail. Maybe someone will be in the future, but so far she is alone.