Back to school: 13 useful applications for students

Diaries and textbooks are being replaced by weightless and clever utilities capable of replacing boring volumes in mathematics, chemistry, Ukrainian and English! Now a kilogram of “granite science” does not weigh anything and fits into one smartphone. Moreover, the applications that we have chosen for the young ensteins will become excellent tips and teachers.


iStudiez Pro

The organizer was created for schoolchildren and students who use Apple’s mobile technology. The main element is a calendar with a menu where you can enter all the subjects you want to study, and by means of a simple menu to allocate days and hours, choosing the right variant from the list. If the school schedule does not change every week, the program will automatically fill in the calendar until the end of the current quarter. You can also set a reminder before an important exam, exam, or test. To mark the lessons with tutors, the function of binding to the event of the teacher’s card from the application “Contacts” is developed. If a student is delayed or unable to attend an elective course, they can easily call the right teacher by opening the calendar and clicking on the lesson message. Besides the calendar, the utility has three tabs with the full list of all subjects, tasks and teachers. So, if you go to the section with homework, you can see everything you need to do in the near future. Also in the program you can make grades for each subject, and then get the arithmetic mean. Another very important function is synchronization between several devices and data transfer from the built-in calendar. You can download the application from iTunes for $2.99.

School assistant

This application will replace the boring diary. The utility allows you to organize the schedule in quarters, reminds you of the beginning of the lessons and automatically switches the phone to the “quiet” mode during the lessons. If there is an important test or test, you just need to enter the date and time – School assistant will warn the student in advance. The software also records grades and schedules progress by subject. It is possible to synchronize with the Google calendar. Designed for Android devices, you can download free of charge from

Mathematical reference books

“Mathematics is all formulas.”

Electronic mathematical reference book containing all the necessary formulas from the basic sections of mathematics: algebra, trigonometry, geometry, as well as limits, integrals, hyperbolic functions, differential equations, etc. The utility will be useful both for schoolchildren and students. In addition to formulas, you can find rules, definitions and examples of equations solving in the program. Distributes free for Android devices with


A simple and easy-to-understand appendix that contains all the mathematical formulas that are taught at school and in junior colleges. It’s free to download from iTunes. It works on the iOS operating system.

Programs for learning English

English with Words

The utility has a dictionary of 8,000 words and is available offline. This program adapts to a specific user and offers exactly the words with which he or she has previously encountered difficulties in tasks and tests. If the child made a mistake, Words will ask him/her to perform several more tasks so that he/she can remember the word. The application is designed for iOS and Android devices. Download it for free at and iTunes.

Learn English

This utility will help you to fix grammar defects and also give you an opportunity to work on errors. The student will practice building sentences, replenishing the vocabulary. Texts, audio files and tests will help you understand the level of language proficiency and improve conversational English. Download for free from iTunes.

Chemistry guides

Chemistry for iOS and Android

The utility allows finding chemical reactions and solving chemical equations with one or more unknown ones. A child will always have a Mendeleev table and a solubility table and even a calculator of molar masses at hand. It also makes it possible to send chemical reactions to friends and share them via social networks. To do this, you need to “pull” the reaction to the left. Available free of charge on iTunes.

The application of the same name is also available for Android smartphones. The utility will help in solving chemical equations, and easily explain to the student the difference between organic and inorganic chemistry. The program displays the found reactions on the screen in normal and ionic form. “Chemistry” has an interactive table of Mendeleev, a table of solubility of substances. Download for free at

Physics handbooks

“Physics. Formulas”

The utility is a collection of the necessary formulas for physics and constants. It contains not only formulas, but also the laws of physics and rules. Sc5 to download the Russian version for free for Android-devices young Newtom can at


A similar utility for iOS-gadgets described above. It is distributed for a fee – $0.99. You can download it from iTunes.

Fascinating geography

National Geographic World Atlas

The National Geographic app will be appreciated by both students and teachers. It is a detailed, interactive tool. Now you don’t need maps or pointers! All maps are high resolution, latitude, longitude and fully scalable. For each country a detailed reference is given: about population, history, economy, climate. The program is installed on iOS-devices and costs $1.99 on iTunes.

Geographical game will help the child to remember the names of countries and their capitals, as well as the names of lakes, rivers, oceans, deserts, mountains, etc. Besides the physical map of the world there is also a political map. Android-application works on the principle of accrual of points, the more accurately the student determines the location of the named object, the higher the score will earn. Download the Russian version from