9 useful mobile apps for children

Smartphones of the steel of the independent parties of our life, including children’s. Many already know how to perform the simplest actions on the phone even before they learn to speak. To be afraid of it precisely it is not necessary, and it is necessary to use wisely. We tell about nine applications for preschoolers, which not only entertain, but also benefit – for example, turn everyday tasks into a game and help children to prepare for school.

Lullaby for the child

As the name suggests, this lullaby app will be useful for parents of the youngest children. It allows you to set the level of noise above which the melody will play (for example, if the baby woke up and cried), and turn on the screensaver. The creators of the application advise to activate the airplane mode on the phone beforehand so that an accidental call does not wake up the child, and also recommend not to put the smartphone into the crib.

Melodies are divided into several categories: classical music, English lullabies, white noise and French children’s songs. Some of them are available free of charge, and in order to unblock the rest and disable advertising, you will have to pay extra (from 75 to 229 rubles). Besides, every day one of the melodies can be received as a gift – for this purpose it is necessary to leave a review. You can also add your own lullabies to the application: record your voice or import melodies from your smartphone library. The only disadvantage is that the melodies are not played one after another as a playlist – you can only play the same song four times in a row.


At LEGO Duplo Food, a child can play “adult” and run an ice cream, muffin or sandwich stand. To do this, you will need to open the kiosk, arrange the food, collect a few orders of the right ingredients, and then clean the kitchen. The application has built-in protection against accidental downloads by children. LEGO Duplo series has other mini games dedicated to animals, circus and train control.

Good night

Beautiful paid application that will help parents to put the child to bed. It’s not a game, but rather an interactive fairy tale for the night: the child needs to turn off the lights and take turns to put the animals to bed – and then go to the side himself. The app is available in twelve languages, including Russian. The game has a sequel – “Good night, circus”, and its developers own another popular application – Little Fox Music Box with children’s songs in English, which the child can sing.

Sago Mini Workshop

The Sago Mini Workshop will appeal to kids between the ages of 2 and 4. In the game, the child should help animals to perform different tasks: sew dolls for the puppet theater, make a robot costume, repair the swing and much more. To do this, you will need to use the touch pad to saw, use a wrench, cut paper with scissors, drill, sew and do other things. The developers of the game have a few more applications – you can see them all on the site Sago Sago.

Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle is a handy drawing application. It differs from its analogues in that it is necessary to draw here on a colored background and paints with different effects – including neon. For creativity, we offer different brushes, stamps, and color each time you click on the screen, the program chooses randomly (which, however, may not like). Bonus Kids Doodle – it is possible to create on images from phone library and on the photos, and how drawing was created, the appendix suggests to record on video.


DubDom is a learning application with beautiful illustrations, from which children learn about animals living in the forest. In the app, the child can learn how to live, what sounds they make and what the oaks eat at home. There are also several games in which animals need to be fed, and the child can try on filters with masks of animals. The developers of “DubDom” have other applications on their account: an interactive collection of “Tales Inside” and an application based on children’s poems by Daniel Harm’s – both with nice illustrations.

Pre-school education

Both the App Store and Google Play you can find a lot of good free educational games for kids. We recommend that you take a look at the Preschool Education app, which is designed for children four years of age and older and should help them prepare for school. There are 15 tasks and games in the appendix, which are divided into several categories: in the first child learns the letters and learn to write, in the second one – to count, solve examples and print numbers, in the third one – to study figures and colors, in the fourth one – to collect puzzles and solve logical problems. For the successful completion of the tasks the child receives medals. The game has a free demo that you can use to see if you want to spend money on it.


A useful application that turns a child’s household chores into a game. Through the application or on the website, parents make a list of things they can do at home (e.g. wash dishes, walk the dog or set the table), decide how often the child should do a certain task, and assign a reward for each of them – a certain amount of points. When a child performs a task, he or she receives points for it, which can be accumulated to receive one of the prizes assigned by the parents (e.g. the right to go out with friends for a while or eat ice cream). The ChoreMonster manufacturers have also launched a separate Mothers hp app, from which parents can assign tasks to their children, and Landra is the equivalent of ChoreMonster for teenagers.

A serious disadvantage of the application is that it is not translated into Russian, but parents can start their own tasks (for example, typing them in Russian) and give them notes. In addition, ChoreMonster is designed for children aged 6-8 years – so that it can be used for learning English.


Forestry is designed for children from 2 to 5 years old. It introduces children to several animals in the forest: hare, elk, beaver, wild boar, bear, hedgehog, squirrel. The child should help each of the animals to complete their tasks – for example, to collect berries, catch fish and build a dam. You can play for free only with the bear, and to unblock the rest of the animals, you will have to pay 149 rubles. At the same time, Forestry has protection against accidental purchases by children: to get access to the store, you need to solve the example. In addition, the game has an auto play mode – the child can just watch it as a cartoon.