9 applications that will make a child’s life more interesting and yours easier

Useful applications for children of all ages

So you taught the kid how to use the gadgets properly. And now comes this responsible and exciting moment of installation of applications. But the eyes run away: online app stores are literally full of games for all tastes. Which of them will really help children learn new and interesting things, Yota tells in the review of useful applications.

For the youngest (from 2 to 4 years)

Audio fairy tales

This application is a large library of children’s fairy tales and various other works with a lot of convenient functions. You can read a fairy tale with your own voice, download and listen to fairy tales without the Internet, or save an unheard story to be included from the same place the next day. And for those who are nostalgic there are records from old Soviet records.

Animal sounds for babies

If you were always afraid that a child wouldn’t guess a real chicken after reading “Ryaba the Chicken”, it’s your salvation. The app shows real pictures of animals with signatures and a simple click reproduces their “voices”. Once you have learned the zoo in Russian, you can switch to English, for example, and start raising a bilingual.

Preschool education

One of the most popular mobile learning apps. Although the age marking is from five years old, it will be interesting to see it in two years. At this age, the child will start to learn the names of animals, colors, figures, letters, and then can move on to more complex tasks. They are also very much in the application: there will be logical games, and arithmetic, and spelling.

For preschoolers (from 5 to 7 years old)

Figures and mathematics

This application is a bright and visually appealing way to learn the order of numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. At the same time, the logical thinking of the child is being trained: there is a game to remember and “find a pair”, but not with pictures, but with numbers.

Virrie. Study animals

The app allows you to watch several large nature parks live, says Nikolai Drozdov in his voice and gives you a chance to feed the lion – that’s enough to immediately download Virrie to your smartphone. In general, this application is more about observing animals in the natural environment than about the game, and thus can replace the tedious safari.

Robot factory

Grandma will probably call this application scary, but are adults able to understand the beauty of a cat’s robot or the desire to screw the eyes to their feet? “Robot Factory” will help to tame the child’s desire to disassemble and reassemble all the toys available in the house, and it is already expensive!

For younger pupils (from 8 to 10 years)

Scientific experiments for children

A collection of exciting and educational experiments for children and adults – to stay away from such fun is very, very difficult. All the experiments in the application are divided into ten themes, including physics, chemistry, light, experiments in the room or in the country house. And especially keen parents can study the section “Focus” and surprise the child with dexterity.


Studying spelling is noticeably lacking in excitement, but the “Literacy” application solves this problem with ease. Here the child takes part in the quiz, where he should choose the right answer out of the four offered – it is always delayed. By the way, if the kid is stubbornly mistaken, you can always hope for the visual memory, which will keep the right version in your head. In general, only pluses!


Beautiful application for learning foreign languages (there are more than twenty of them!), there are tasks on grammar, pronunciation, spelling. During the lesson, points are earned, and a pretty owl makes sure that the student performs the daily norm of lessons. With such an application boring tasks will turn into a fun game.

If all applications from the list have already been passed by your children along and across, so as not to be confused when choosing new ones, you can use the sections “Education” and “Children” in the AppStore, “For the whole family” – in PlayMarket. In online stores you will find the rating of the most downloadable applications with user ratings, but you should always pay attention to the number of voters: “five” from three users does not guarantee the quality of the product. Please note that all applications are also broken down by age – this will make it easier for those parents who are just entering the big world of children’s entertainment.