3 The most dangerous social networking applications for children

Social media have become an integral part of the people. Children do not get rid of social networking forums such as Whisper, Ask.fm, Yik Yak and others for various purposes. Reasons for using these apps on social media include entertainment, interacting with people in your community, discussing various issues, finding advice on personal issues, sharing jokes and disappointment. While these platforms seem to be ideal options to kill time on social media, the influential impact on children and teenagers is not very favorable. Parents need to keep track of the list of installed applications their children use to get information about what activities they perform and what applications they use on social media. You may not know, but your children will get negative mental health effects that can ruin their lives.

These are the most dangerous social applications that children should avoid.

Yik Yak

This is a location-based social networking application that works within a certain area limit. This gives users the ability to stay in touch with people in their vicinity and see what they share with each other. Originally it was designed for college students who used it in the circles of their friends. The initial intention was to develop and implement this dangerous application in order to make it easier for people to communicate better. But these days, like others, children take Yike Yak seriously.

One of the psychiatrists has declared this application to be the most dangerous he has ever seen and encountered. Reasons for his concerns include many, such as inappropriate text sharing, exchange of nudity, bullying, cyberbullying and children realizing that they are not disclosing, but as we said, the application is location-based and the exact location of the children can be ascertained. This has a negative impact on children, affects their mindset and thoughts, prevents healthy habits from growing, and children from turning into nasty adults.


Whisper, like other social networking platforms, is a confessional forum that allows users to share confessions, text, messages, photos, etc. E., without using the real name. The app identifies the actual location of users, and it is easy to get in touch with people who live within a mile of your environment. Children use Whisper in large numbers and catch terrible effects.

The consequences of this app are also scary, and parents need to keep their children and teenagers safe from Whisper. Because it doesn’t use its real name, so everyone can go online and talk to your children. He can be a sexual offender, a tourist, a cyber bully or some other extremist. Even in 2013, the man was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl through contact with Whisper.


If you are a social media player, you will be familiar with ask.fm. This is a social networking website that provides access to all users, and the main purpose of the site is to provide opportunities to answer personal questions. For example, if a person has a problem when making a decision, he or she will ask others to help him or her solve the problem.

The problem with this site has terrible consequences for users and especially for children. Other users give advice in different ways, and sometimes people put forward offensive answers, sexual arousal, very negative decisions and even the user advised the guy to commit suicide, and he also killed himself. Parents can understand how dangerous the site is. Moreover, it has some other adverse social consequences for mental and physical health.

After reading these dangerous apps for social networks, parents will definitely worry about their children, about their activities and will see the means to overcome the problem. It is usually difficult and possible to monitor activity, the history of the Internet, as well as the children’s apps and instant messages on mobile devices. Is there any manual or automatic solution to deal with the problem? How can parents be sure of their children’s activities? What solution can reduce parental anxiety? This is a time when parents should celebrate and thank the technology. Yes, there is a very concrete solution for all these problems for unskilled and experienced parents. TheOneSpy application software tracks actions, internet browsing history, calls, all messengers, and the location of the installed device. In addition to the above features, it allows you to remotely remove/delete the list of users from all installed applications.