16 mobile learning applications for children

Tablets and mobile phones have become a real scourge for today’s parents. Little kids, not having yet learned to talk, are able to unlock the screen and find the applications or videos they are interested in. But progress is not necessary on a place. In place of stupid and zombie games developed a lot of training programs, including for the youngest users. Of course, the harmful effects of mobile devices have not yet been abolished, but sometimes it is worth allowing children to play useful games on tablets. A WoMo will help you find the right applications.

For kids

ABC Animal Puzzle: Oxford English for the little ones

You’ve had to learn languages since you were a kid. How much easier and faster it is to learn the material at a young age! ABC Animal Puzzle: Oxford English is a game with the help of which the child can make the first steps in learning English. The training is based on games with colorful puzzles, which are focused on fast learning and development of visual memory. Each letter of the alphabet corresponds to an animal that comes to life from touch – jumps, swims or flies, keeping the child’s attention for a long time.

Preschool education

The Preschool Education application consists of 15 educational games divided into headings: alphabet, arithmetic, colors, figures and logic games. In addition to the standard study of letters, syllables, numbers and colors, children will also be able to develop attention and memory.

Animal World for Kids

The Animal World app for kids includes 80 images of pets and wildlife, good drawings, puzzles with tips, imitation sounds produced by animals, short rhymes for memory training and much more. There are 9 sets of animals in the world of animals: in the yard, in the house, in the forest, in Africa, in the sea, in the jungle, in the sky, in Australia and in the North.

Find out about the professions

What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s hard to remember the first time we answered that question. And what can you know about the professions of babies? This problem is solved by the appendix We will know the professions. The main task of the player is to choose the headgear and attributes of the sphere of activity.

Airport Dr.Panda

Kids can learn more about the airport’s facilities by playing Airport Dr.Panda. There are 10 mini-games available to help kids to go through security checks, passport checks, warn relatives about flying, find their luggage and much more. Not only can you learn about the airport’s exterior operations, but also about its interior design. The game itself from time to time generates events, for example, in the room of lost things always need to look for new items.

For schoolchildren

Archaeologist – Jurassic Life

With Jurassic Life, an archaeologist, children will be able to feel like real historians and archaeologists. At the excavations they will have to find all the bones that make up the dinosaur’s skeleton. Puzzles, information and sounds will help them to learn a lot of new things during the game.

My Story – Book Maker for Kids

With mobile devices, you can not only play and watch videos, but also create something of your own. For example, books. With My Story – Book Maker for Kids, children can illustrate the story, add text and even audio to it, and then save it in their readers. In this way you will get a complete, finished product.

One touch Drawing

A logical drawing machine, in which you will have to draw a lot of different figures without taking your finger off the screen. One touch Drawing is an entertainment that also develops attention and concentration.


Memorizing game is a simple puzzle – turning the cards over, you need to look for a pair of them. Memory lasts as long as the cards remain on the screen. Simple entertainment, with a simple game play, however, takes a child and develops care and memory.

Jelly Band

Music hearing and rhythm are as important skills as logic. After all, music contributes to the development of imagination and auditory memory. The Jelly Band app offers 18 characters to choose from, each playing their own musical instrument. By bringing the hero to the stage, children can create their own orchestra.

Scientific experiments for children

The application Scientific Experiments for Children will make science understandable, and therefore interesting. Children will learn how to grow salt crystals, make carrots grow up and even launch a rocket. The game is designed for children aged 5 to 13 years, although some moments will be interesting for adults. 500 experiments are divided into 10 thematic collections. All experiments are simple in execution and do not require special expenses.

For teenagers.

Find the word.

To improve spelling and check your vocabulary will help the game Find the word. First, you will be given a 3×3 area, filling which will take you to the next level. And so you will move up to 8×8. By rearranging the letters in the cells, you should find all possible words on the site.


English is the world’s most studied language, necessary for business and travel. The Lingualeo app has already become a classic. It will be useful for both children and their parents to practice. Many exercises, games and assignments will help you understand the intricacies of the language and increase your vocabulary. And all you need to do is remember to feed the lion cub.

DaVinci puzzles: Renaissance

The appendix offers complex logical tasks in the Renaissance style. There are several categories of tasks in the DaVinci Puzzles, as well as different forms of tasks. Each mystery of the application opens the next one and helps to develop intelligence and logic.

Guess the city

The appendix suggests to check knowledge on country studies and guess cities by photos. At first glance, this is not a big deal. But some of the architectural compositions in Ughadai can make even a geographer with experience lose confidence. And there is less time for reflection than a minute.

Number logic – Mathematical puzzle game

Mathematics is a science of science. Colorful application Logic of numbers with many arithmetic tasks will make you think for hours or tremble with delight in case of quick guesses.