16 apps that should be on the student’s smartphone

Useful services for junior and high school students

Every schoolboy has a smartphone today. So that your child does not waste his time, always digging in the phone, advise him to the application, which will be not only interesting, but also useful. “Mel” has chosen the most curious of the many educational applications – a student of any age will find something for himself here.

For younger students


The youngest students will love the colorful Storybots app – it introduces you to the world around you and also teaches you English. It offers not only games, but also books and videos. Updates appear every month. Available on the iOS platform.

I’m going home!

To prevent your child from wrapping up after school in the opposite direction from home, install an application in your smartphone that helps you not to get lost on the way. The “I’m going home! – With voice guidance, it tells you where to turn. It’s not just maps, it’s a navigator that’s also oriented to off-road conditions. Following his instructions, the child will be able to get out even from the forest thicket. For Android users the application can be downloaded here, and for those who have iOS, there is a similar application – “Don’t get lost in the woods”.


The basics of mathematics are more interesting to study with the application “Namby”. Through the game, it will introduce the first-grade student to mathematical sequences, as well as teach them how to make their own numerical rows and logical patterns. It is important that the application corresponds to the single curriculum for the first grade and contains all the topics studied during the first school year.

Steam locomotive school

Disputable from the point of view of presentation, but very effective in achieving the final goal of the program “School of Arkady Parovozov” – a series of educational games and cartoons that teach the child the rules of safety. There are rules of conduct on the road, in the woods and at home.

Scientific experiments

To instill curiosity and interest in science in your child, you can turn to an excellent collection of fascinating scientific experiences. Available on the iOS platform, the app contains 500 scientific experiments for children and adults, 50 of which are free of charge. The app is regularly updated, with detailed instructions and clear explanations of the results of each experience. All experiments are simple to perform and do not require special skills. On the basis of Android there is a whole series of similar applications, but in quality (especially translation) they are noticeably losing to competitors. There is, however, a variant with an adequate Russian language, but the examples of experiments are not enough.

For older students.

Castle Quiz

Castle Quiz is a strategic quiz game for high school students on the themes of the school program. To win and occupy more land and grab your opponent’s castle, you need to answer the questions correctly. You can play here with a random opponent, choosing a specific topic as a subject of battle: literature, Russian, social studies, English, Russian history or physics. Questions are divided by topics – you can play in the “Masters and Margarita”, and in the history of Russia in the XX century.


Students who are overgrown with Sesame Street should install the free Duolingo app, which helps them learn foreign languages. In addition to English, Spanish, German and French, there are other languages, including quite rare ones, such as Irish or Hungarian.

Foxford” textbook

Textbook “Foxford” – an interactive guide to the school program for 4-11 grades. In addition to theory and practice in the form of examples and tips, it can be used to “visit” more than 500 detailed video lessons with the best teachers. Here you will find all the necessary formulas for the exact sciences and all the rules of the Russian language, all the important dates on history and schemes on biology.


The Examer app develops a personalized preparation plan for the USE. To do so, the student simply indicates their goal in points (e.g., 85 points in physics) and begins daily training. The developers assure that the theory and objectives for each topic and each subject are as relevant as possible. The application is available on the Android platform. Its main drawback is the high price. Some users, however, believe that it is justified.


The Knowledge.com service has released the Brainly application. Users of this application can exchange information between themselves, answering each other’s questions during their studies. As a matter of fact, it is a platform where schoolchildren learn from schoolchildren. “If you know a subject that is “excellent”, share your knowledge with someone who needs it. The more you answer, the more points you earn, and your status grows with the points – from “Beginner” to “Brain”. Our goal is correct and complete answers,” the developers explain. Available on Android and iOS platform.


It is a program for schoolchildren and students, which will not only help to solve examples in mathematics, but also explain in detail their progress. The appendix offers several solution options for each given example. A training section is available. The application can be downloaded for iOS-based gadgets. A similar principle and the application for Android, which is called MalMath.


Extremely useful application for alumni. It provides access to thousands of courses in a variety of specialties. With the help of such an application, the choice of a future profession can become obvious. Or, on the contrary, the student will realize that the chosen profession is not for him/her. The courses collected in the application are read in more than a hundred of the world’s best schools. The application is free of charge and available to both Android and iOS users.

Technical assistance


Both in junior, middle and high school, students will need apps to help them write a nice report or plan their school week. For example, the iSchool app (available for Android) will help you to keep track of the lesson schedule, record homework and take notes on any subject. You can even share all this data through social networks with friends. For those who use iOS, a similar helper is “Study Schedule”.


Users of Apple gadgets will surely appreciate the Pages text editor. The developers describe the application as follows: “Find the right words and images. And do it with taste. With one tap, select the appropriate font, style, and spacing between characters and lines. Take a photo and put it in the document right away – all without leaving the application. With just one tap, drag and drop, or rotate your fingers, you can resize, rotate, or delete the background. For a beautiful design of school reports and presentations, really, useful thing.


Although adding and subtracting without “helpers” trains the brain, a calculator is sometimes necessary. PhotoMath is one of the most popular calculators in the world, which uses a smartphone camera to work. “Just point the camera at the mathematical task and PhotoMath will magically give you an answer and a detailed step-by-step solution right away,” says the application description. Available on Android and iOS.

Word of the day

It is useful for any schoolchild (and not only) to have a dictionary of Russian words at hand. The Word of the Day app will explain to any Mitrofanushka how “ignorant” differs from “ignorant”. Every day, philologists work on the application, helping to avoid mistakes in the interpretation of a particular word. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms.

ABBYY Lingvo Live

Dictionary of foreign words is one of the most important reference books for modern schoolchildren. ABBYY Lingvo Live stands out among others. Its collection includes more than 140 dictionaries for 15 languages (including phraseological and professional), several explanatory dictionaries, full-text translations, as well as memory cards. The app is available for Android and iOS.